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Cartunes feat. The Mandala Drum & Genius Vince DeFranco

Happy New Year


Almost perfect.

Have a look at what happens when celebrity photographer Michael Grecco collides with an amazing automobile; Porsche. Click Pic for more…

My new battle cry… “CHARGE HER!” LOL! You’ll get it in a minute.

Charger Girls

Cartunes Bikini Contest

Enjoy the madness! Lot’s of BAD HAIR and BIG RACKS. What more could you ask for LOL!?

Sexy Bikini Contest

Does anybody remember the saying, “Give me some skin?” Back in THE DAY, and I don’t remember exactly what day it was, that phrase meant something like, show me some love, give me 5 or something similar.

Well today, at least in the minds of Auto Design, it’s got a whole new meaning. Check out the BMW sponsored video below for a gander what I’m jabbering about.

And now, in typical Cartunes TV fashion, some music.
“Foxey Lady” performed by KPB

If you’re a fan of hot cars in need of washing, provided their being cleaned by a half naked Hottie, then this clip is likely for you. If not, feel free to send the link to a normal guy. :)

Recently, Aston Martin released the first official images of the ‘Cygnet’. It’s a new luxury commuter concept car.

Aston Martin's Luxury Mini - Cygnet

Aston Martin's Luxury Mini - Cygnet

If you know anything about us here at Cartunes TV, we’re not necessarily the LITTLE car that could types. However, the Cygnet concept represents a very creative and environmentally conscious solution and combined with the prestige of Aston Martin’s luxury brand, this little car can and will have presence on the highways. And did we mention it’s highly fuel efficient?
Cygnet interior

Cygnet interior

Development of the Cygnet will continue into 2010. Aston Martin hopes it will become a production reality in the near future, initially available to Aston Martin customers in the UK and Europe. Yeah, they always get the cool cars first!

Every been to Compton? It’s in Los Angeles. My first trip there was about a year ago and thats also when I discovered local Rap star Tommy Lockhart. We haven’t been fortunate enough to have him appear on the show yet but hopefully we can get him in 2010.

Here’s a webisode featuring his music nonetheless and as always, a look around LA which is particularly interesting for you folks that have never been to the crazy city of angles!